Solutions for the Visualization and Analysis of Big Image Data in Life  Sciences
New microscopy technologies, such as light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) or clearing 
methods, allow the imaging of large samples at high resolution or high frame rates. Handling, 
processing, and analyzing these multi-terabyte data sets has become increasingly difficult for 
scientists, e.g. in developmental biology and neuroscience. New tools are needed to overcome 
these challenges. Therefore, ZEISS has teamed up with arivis AG to offer complete solutions 
from initial image acquisition to final results.
arivis Vision4D is a modular software for handling multidimensional (3D+) images of nearly 
unlimited size. Users can easily import images generated with microscope systems such as 
ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1, and comfortably stitch and align single images into large comprehensive 
image stacks. This enables easy assessment and efficient analysis of, for example, high 
resolution brain mapping experiments or long-term observation of developmental processes in 
embryos. ZEISS is offering an integrated package worldwide, consisting of arivis Vision4D 
software and certified high performance computer hardware. 
Moreover, arivis and ZEISS have developed 3Dxl Viewer, an integrated rendering module for the 
imaging software ZEISS ZEN (blue edition). It allows the handling of large 6D data sets acquired 
on ZEISS LSM 800 with Airyscan.
Current publications reflect how actively the scientific community has been tackling the challenge 
of big image data. Two recent review articles authored by Jeff Lichtman, Hanspeter Pfister, Nir 
Shavit, and Doug Richardson of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology (Lichtman et al., Nature Neuroscience, 2014; Richardson and Lichtman, Cell, 2015) 
explain the monumental task currently facing neuroscientists and other biologists attempting to 
image large intact tissues at micrometer resolution.
This free webinar introduces the concepts of light sheet microscopy and explains why ZEISS 
Lightsheet Z.1 is an excellent tool for developmental biology and neuroscience research: