Ziath Launches New Camera-Based Scanner for More Effective Sample Management
Ziath, the leading expert in sample tracking solutions for use in laboratories and biobanks, has today released the DataPaq™ Cube reader. Utilising a dual camera set-up and unique cuboid design, it provides users with a fast and flexible system for scanning 2D barcoded tubes housed in both SBS and cryobox formats, all using a single device.
An efficient management system is crucial for maintaining the quality of samples and efficiently tracking their location, especially when working with large compound or sample libraries. However, different labs have varying requirements depending on their applications and setup. The new Ziath DataPaq™ Cube reader works with all currently available rack types and can scan and decode a 96 tube rack in less than two seconds using standard computer hardware, a speed that makes it one of the fastest solutions currently in production. As such, the new scanner is the perfect addition to any sample management system.
“We are pleased to launch the new DataPaq™ Cube, which is the result of 12 months of intensive development work,” said David Anstee, Commercial Director at Ziath. “We have based the design on the patented technology used in our highly successful Express reader, and can now offer our customers a camera-based instrument that combines speed and flexibility across both standard and cryobox formats. It has many unique features and we’ve already received significant interest from a number of customers that are excited to get started with the new system.”
For improved detection, the Ziath DataPaq™ Cube also incorporates two cameras, which combine to produce high quality images that eliminate the risk of edge effects and tracking errors. Additional features include the easy saving of images for troubleshooting and diagnosis, and a fully integrated design within a single chassis.
All Ziath products come with access to the company’s advanced software solution, DataPaq™, which is fast, easy-to-use and fully customisable, including the potential to automate operation and deliver a truly bespoke experience for each customer. The software itself comes equipped with a wide range of pre-set rack templates that will meet the needs of most users. However, new templates can be easily created to match less common rack formats. All data is exportable into native Excel, CSV, text, XML and JSON formats to allow for advanced LIMS and robotic integrations. Advanced users can also send their results directly into a database. This level of flexibility allows each user to customise the workflow as little or as much as they like to meet the needs of their laboratory.
For more information on the Ziath DataPaq™ Cube visit: http://ziath.com/index.php/products/barcode-scanning/datapaq-cube-rack-reader