Optimized CRISPR/CAS9 Delivery for Disease Model Generation
AMSBIO has launched DNA-In® CRISPR – an innovative transfection reagent that simplifies and accelerates genome editing using large plasmids and difficult-to-transfect cells for life science researchers generating disease models.
Since its emergence, CRISPR-Cas9 technology has been rapidly adopted as a mainstream approach for performing genetic manipulation. This powerful tool has transformed the process of generating “footprint-free” cellular models for studying genetic diseases. Using this approach, researchers can easily generate disease-relevant isogenic models to determine the impact of correcting or introducing disease-relevant mutations on cellular phenotypes in a tissue-appropriate context. However, problems have remained with certain cell types that are more resistant to transfection and for larger plasmids.
DNA-In® CRISPR has been specially formulated to enable highly efficient transfection of large plasmids (containing CAS9, guide-RNAs and reporter cassettes) particularly when using hard-to-transfect cell types. The reagent is fully chemically-defined and animal component-free leading to increased reliability and low cell toxicity. This makes it ideally suited for many applications, including use in pre-clinical investigations, giving researchers a regulatory head start in their hunt for new therapeutics. DNA-In® CRISPR is a valuable new addition to the human and mouse genome editing kits and custom genome editing services offered by AMSBIO to quickly and simply generate disease models.
For further information please visit http://www.amsbio.com/CRISPR-transfection.aspx or contact AMSBIO on +44-1235-828200 / +1-617-945-5033 / info@amsbio.com.