Aluminum Vacuum Chambers from Terra Universal
Terra’s vacuum chambers are used to test, store or transport items sensitive to moisture and particles. Made of power-coated aluminum, the large sizes are one-inch-thick, while smaller benchtop models are half-inch-thick. The sturdy chambers can sustain prolonged 29.9” Hg vacuum level without warping or leaking.
Vacuum test chambers provide the ideal environment for processes such as degassing. Aluminum has advantages over plastic, including chemical resistance, material integrity, and non-hygroscopic material that won’t store moisture molecules.
Cable feed-throughs can be added to Terra’s chambers allowing internal purging with process gas. Installed gauge and metering valves help users achieve the proper vacuum level, and monitor for fluctuations.  Thick acrylic viewing windows provide visibility of contents, and larger chambers can be paired with castered stands for easy mobility
Terra Universal has nearly 40-years of experience manufacturing test chambers and equipment for cleanrooms and laboratories. For more information about aluminum vacuum chambers, visit