Conduct your stereotaxic surgery on mice and rats with ultimate precision and  repeatability
WPI is dedicated to providing Scientists with reliable products and increased product value. The
MTM3 stereotaxic frame will simplify your surgical needs by delivering precision and repeatability 
of motion with the motorized drive.  The MTM-3 Motorized Stereotaxic Frame outperforms manual 
stereotaxic frame models, and it greatly reduces human error. The motorized axis of the MTM-3 
provide precise, controlled, 3-dimensional placement of any probe or accessory within the working space of a stereotaxic frame. Coordinates can be saved in the program for repeatability of surgeries. A hand controller is also included to provide you with an option to manually manipulate the axis for a complete solution. 
The MTM3 will simplify your surgery so you can focus on your research discovery.