Quick Check Pipette Performance in Your Lab

Periodically assessing whether or not pipettes are performing within tolerances is an excellent way to ensure data integrity and reduce your overall risk. The accuracy of most pipettes can be easily verified using a gravimetric balance – the method of choice for pipette performance testing.

Quick Check – a good option between regular services
Turn a conventional balance into a pipette testing station by simply mounting an evaporation trap onto the measuring tray. For a more systematic approach, METTLER TOLEDO offers onboard applications or its stand-alone Calibry™ software to guide users through the testing procedure and record each pipette's test dates and results.

To make things even easier, we have developed the Quick Check Poster, with detailed guidance in 10 simple steps so you can do your own pipette quick check, easily and whenever you like. All you need is a balance and vessel, some deionized water and an area to work in that is free from drafts, direct sunlight and vibration.

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Professional pipette service – precision instruments need expert care
Like every precision instrument, pipettes require regular maintenance and calibration to perform their best. Our global network of ISO 17025-accredited labs are equipped with state-of-the-art precision microbalances, certified service experts and sophisticated temperature, humidity and vibration control systems.

Pipettes contain many parts and, like all mechanical things, nothing lasts forever. In fact, 95% of all pipette failures relate to sealing system wear. With regular preventive maintenance you can significantly reduce your risk of pipette failure.

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Trust the world's leading pipette service provider
METTLER TOLEDO‘s global network of service facilities are staffed and equipped to provide the highest level of quality repair and calibration. All our service centers adhere to the following standards:

  • Continuously stable environment: A dedicated facility where temperature and humidity are monitored and controlled, and balances are mounted to stable, vibration-damping platforms.
  • High performance balances: State-of-the-art balances integrated with workflow management software to record and distribute the appropriate pipette calibration data.
  • Experienced technicians: Personnel who are skilled at reproducibly generating high quality data at the most sensitive levels required and are periodically tested to continuously ensure they meet the most rigorous pipetting requirements.
  • Available parts inventory: Immediate access to replacement parts to minimize turn-around time for pipette repair and calibration.
  • Processes and procedures: Workflows and checks that can be verified to reproducibly produce a correctly calibrated pipette.

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