Nine Ways to Streamline Your Lab

METTLER TOLEDO - Do you spend a lot of time waiting for samples to arrive? Or for results to be delivered? Or documenting everything you just did? Full of valuable tips, our free checklist can help you optimize lab processes to increase productivity and efficiency

As service providers, many test laboratories are under increasing pressure to deliver accurate and reliable results – fast! Optimization of laboratory processes can help ensure more consistent and predictable performance as well as contribute significantly to the economic efficiency of an organization.

By employing lean principles, you can:

  • gain a greater understanding of lab capacity
  • reduce lead times and work-in-progress
  • increase productivity
  • save costs
  • empower lab personnel

The Lean Lab Checklist provides you with an overview of the current status of your lab, based on a set of diagnostic questions. It also highlights where potential improvements can be made.

Download the Lean Lab Checklist