Laser Autofocus System for Microscopic Examination of Reflective Samples

The LF210 Laser Autofocus System from Prior Scientific is designed to improve microscopic examination of a wide range of reflective samples including semiconductor wafers and hard disc drive platens.

By directing a laser beam at the surface being analysed, the LF210 is able to maintain optimum focus on the sample at high magnifications, even as the microscope stage or sample is moved. The LF210 combines the latest in intelligent microprocessor control, advanced optics and a modulated laser diode to deliver the fastest, most stable and reliable laser autofocus available.

Compact in design the LF210 precision optics module is easily adjusted to operate with Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss, Leica and Mitutoyo upright microscopes and any infinity corrected optical system.  The LF210 is able to precisely control either a microscope stepper motor focus drive or a piezo focusing stage or objective. The novel optical design of the LF210 eliminates the need to manually adjust the focus trim and loop gain, which is done automatically in the processor. The intelligent digital control automatically senses when the sample has moved out of the field of view and stops the focus drive.

With Spot or Line laser modes now user selectable - a single LF210 unit can be used for all sample types and scanning modes.  Easy to install and adjust the LF210 includes a RS232 port for programming of gains, servo loops, speed, limits, and various other parameters.

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