The New Standard for Biomass Monitoring

Effective immediately, INFORS HT is solely responsible for the global distribution of aquila biolabs’ Cell Growth Quantifier (CGQ). The CGQ allows non-invasive online monitoring of biomass in shake flasks. The automatic measurements save time and provide a profound understanding of the bioprocesses, ensuring sustainable success of shake flask experiments
Currently, scientists monitor biomass in shake flask cultures by manual and invasive photometric OD measurements. The CGQ, however, determines the biomass concentration automatically, optically and non-invasively through the vessel wall using a patented sensor. Overall, the CGQ can generate detailed microbial growth kinetics in up to 16 shake flasks simultaneously and in real time.
The benefits are obvious: time and cost savings, an undisturbed bioprocess and improved reproducibility of results. Thanks to the CGQ, bioprocesses can be developed and optimized based on detailed growth curves. Hence, the sustainable success of shake flask experiments can be significantly increased.

The CGQ consists of four components. The sensor plate is positioned under the shake flask, which is protected by a cover. By connecting the shake flasks to the base station, an interface to the CGQuant software is established, which analyzes and visualizes the biomass data.
The CGQ is compatible with all INFORS HT shakers and clamps as well as with “Sticky Stuff”. All common types of glass and transparent single use flasks in the sizes 250, 300, 500, 1000 and 2000ml can be used. Thereby, customers can easily  integrate the CGQ into their existing laboratory infrastructure.
The CGQ is globally available from INFORS HT and in some countries from selected laboratory distributors