Erlab launches Smart Technology - their latest innovation that makes  life in the lab simpler and safer
Erlab pushes the envelope once more as we re-invent the way scientists interact with our products in the lab. 
The Simpler, Safer moto takes on full meaning with the first ductless fume hood and chemical storage cabinet utilizing Smart-Light communication that is enriched by the new eGuard app.  Stephane Hauville, President & CEO explains, “Smart Technology is based on a very simple idea, which is to provide our products with an easily identifiable method of communication; the Smart-Light.  A light signature across the fascia of our products, which casts a soft, stable LED glow ensuring proper operation.  If normal operation is disrupted, the reassuring LED signature simply pulses, drawing the attention of the operator only when necessary. Thanks to Smart-Light, the operator remains focused on the task at hand, which improves safety.  Screens or gauges are no longer needed on the product itself as the latest and greatest technology already resides right in your hands.  With the eGuard app, Smart equipped products connect to any mobile phone or tablet to provide all the necessary data when needed, giving the operator an enriched experience more complete than ever before."
Come see the light.  Visit to discover a safer product thanks to a simple idea: Smart-Light.