Distek, Inc. Celebrates 40 Years in Business

Distek, Inc., a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical laboratory testing instruments, accessories and validation services, is proud to celebrate 40 years in business.

Founded in 1976 by Mr. Gerald Brinker, Distek has grown to offer innovation and support to companies worldwide.  Like Disney, Apple, Google & Amazon, Distek, Inc. is a real life garage startup success story.  

Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1940, Mr. Brinker received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from McGill University in 1962.  From 1969-1972 Mr. Brinker was a sales engineer in New York City for Beckman Instruments, responsible for sales and technical support to a wide range of medical institutions.  

In 1972, Brinker Instruments, a manufacturers’ representative firm for analytical instrumentation, was formed.  As the sole proprietor, Mr. Brinker was responsible for launching new products for many laboratory instrument manufactures. As the success of Brinker Instruments grew and the eagerness of Mr. Brinker to do more was encouraged by his wife Pearl; Distek was created and later incorporated on June 22, 1976.

Over the next four decades Distek’s business expanded to provide instruments for other tests performed in pharmaceutical laboratories including; in-situ fiber optic dissolution, bathless tablet disintegration testing, content uniformity, programmable automated sampling and more.  In 1980, Gerald’s wife, Pearl, joined Distek and since then, the Company has grown significantly, with the majority of employees located at its facility in North Brunswick, NJ.  

Distek’s core market includes brand name and generic pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, CRO’s, CMO’s, Nutraceuticals, government agencies, and universities. To ensure consistent quality and to meet the international standards of our world market, Distek has been ISO certified since 2002.

As a leader in the industry, Distek has an excellent reputation for innovation, product reliability, and customer support.  It holds numerous patents for its instrumentation and accessories.

“It is our belief that quality, innovation and support are essential to our current and future growth and continual improvement is crucial to ongoing success,” states Mr. Brinker.

“Much of our success is dependent upon Distek's employees’ dedication to providing products and services of the finest quality,” includes Mr. Brinker.

In early 2012, Mr. Brinker became the Chairman of the Company, leaving the day to day responsibilities of running the business to his son, Jeff Brinker.  In addition to his more strategic role in growing Distek, Mr. Brinker is actively involved in new product development and product redesign.

“Reaching our 40th year anniversary is truly an exceptional accomplishment and a testament to our loyal employees and supportive customer base.  We recognize that our customers require highly innovative and intuitive instruments coupled with strong service and support to meet their demanding regulatory compliance efforts.  We strive each day to meet and exceed our customer’s needs,” says Jeff Brinker, President of Distek.

In summary, Distek is a growing business that relies upon technological innovations, strong marketing efforts, highly skilled and trained customer support, and dedicated employees for its future.  For technological advancements that offer reliable and consistent performance, the pharmaceutical industry trusts Distek.