The New Handbook of Sample Preparation and Handling is now available!

Get the latest information about our range of sample preparation equipment and techniques

Products featured include:

Freezer/Mill®− Powerful Cryogenic Grinder
Geno/Grinder® & MiniG®− Plant & Animal Tissue Homogenizer
Mixer/Mill®− High Energy Ball Mill
X-Press®− Hydraulic Pellet Press
Katanax®− Electric Fusion Fluxers
Shatterbox® − Ring & Puck Mill
XRF accessories − For XRF Analysis  

Techniques featured include:    
*    Tissue Homogenization & Cell lysis
*    Mixing & Blending
*    Pressing & Pelletizing
*    Electric Borate Fusion
*    Grinding & Pulverizing

Other Features:
*    Detailed listing of accessories
*    Before and After Samples
*    Protocols and test results  
*    Application Notes
*    How-to guides
*    Theory and application of different
      sample prep techniques.

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