Gilson Shows a Glimpse into the	Future of their	Cloud Connected	Liquid Handling	Solutions at Analytica 2016

Gilson, an industry leader in manual and automated liquid handling instruments, today announces the next step in the company’s path to enable verifiable science and make lab life easier for researchers. In a press conference at Analytica, Nicolas Paris, CEO of Gilson, reveals the company’s direction of focusing on Internet of Things (IoT) cloud-based solutions to improve laboratory data reliability and reproducibility.    

With  over 59 years of developing innovative products such as PIPETMAN®, Gilson has enabled scientists to perform more efficiently over their careers. Gilson’s initiative focuses on the concept of    the IoT, in which a network of connected laboratory device  sends and receives data to the cloud, where that information can be stored, analyzed, refined and shared by lab teams and distant experts. In this manner, scientists will    have the most up-to-date protocols, results, and tracking information to support the result of their experiments. “The universal challenge facing 21st century    life scientists    hinges on verifiable data. Trusted and consistent sample preparation is at the core of this challenge. We’re committed to help scientists and to save them time in managing their experimental data, while at the same time making their lab life easier and letting them focus on real science,” commented Mr. Paris.

In support of this initiative, the company will unveil a prototype of Gilson LABHUB, a cloud-based solution for managing and tracking protocols. Gilson LABHUB tracks, records and relays the actions    and  performance of connected instruments to the cloud for sharing among a scientific team, helping to improve the accuracy of future data. In addition, Gilson will also feature sciNote, a free open source    electronic lab notebook (ELN).  sciNote offers the easiest way to manage your scientific data and safely store it all in one place. Gilson LABHUB and sciNote demonstrations are occurring at stand A3.315 throughout the show.    

Over the years, the life science community has recognized Gilson-branded solutions as reliable choices for their research. Mr. Paris further noted, “Our mission is to partner with the scientific community and help researchers advance the pace of discovery. We do this by creating lab tools that improve the results of tomorrow. New products like Gilson LABHUB demonstrate our commitment to this mission.”