VC 900 Vacuum Controller Provides Easy Control of Vacuum Sources

KNF Neuberger, Inc. announces the VC 900 vacuum control unit is designed to integrate with any diaphragm vacuum pump or house vacuum source, making operation of laboratory vacuum applications simpler, safer, and more consistent and reliable. The VC 900 vacuum control unit consists of two components; an interface controller that allows users to input settings and see the resulting performance values, and an operating unit which regulates the pump’s vacuum level based on interface controller inputs, via an integrated pressure sensor, vacuum valve, and ventilator valve.

Lab personnel can operate the VC 900 vacuum controller using the touch display and rotary/push knob, or via PC by using the mini USB interface. The vacuum controller can be operated in four different modes:

  • Evacuate: a vacuum chamber is evacuated as quickly as possible by means of the vacuum source that is connected to the control unit. If a variable KNF pump is connected to the vacuum controller, the vacuum chamber can be evacuated with variable pump capacity.
  • Pressure Control: The vacuum controller controls the system pressure to the selected value (constant pressure).
  • Automatic: The vacuum controller automatically finds the vapor pressure of the sample and adjusts the process pressure accordingly. (Only if a variable KNF pump is connected to the vacuum controller.)
  • Function: Vacuum is controlled according to a user-entered pressure curve. Up to 10 different pressure curves can be stored.

Additionally, the vacuum controller can be inclined to three different positions for optimal bench-top viewing, or it can be mounted to a wall.