Micromeritics extends the application utility of their 3Flex Surface Characterization Family of Product with the addition of the new TCD option

Micromeritics Instrument Corp. announced today the addition of an optional TCD (thermal conductivity detector) to their 3Flex Surface Characterization Family of products. This new option extends the ability of the scientist to gain greater understanding of catalyst and catalytic behavior to improve product performance and catalytic efficiencies.

The 3Flex is a highly recognized and valued tool in the materials characterization laboratory. In a recent commissioned study done by TechValidate; 3Flex was given a 4.5 out of 5 star rating by users, along with a strong recommendation to colleagues by 97% of those 3Flex users polled.

“Being a market leader, our customers demand more and expect more from Micromeritics. That expectation must be met and when our customers asked for this improvement, we delivered this very effective solution to meet their needs.” Preston Hendrix, President of Micromeritics explained.

The new TCD option allows the user to perform temperature programmed reduction (TPR), oxidation (TPO), desorption (TPD), and reduction reactions (TPRx). The 3Flex TCD also has an option for pulse chemisorption analyses which can be performed with manual injections or automatically with the optional injection loop.

The TCD option provides the capability to investigate temperature dependence of specific adsorption or desorption process profiles for catalyst and adsorbents, as well as pulse chemisorption. This valuable and critical data being available to the scientist permits greater understating for improvement in their final products’ performance.

Stefan Koch, Director of Engineering at Micromeritics commented saying “Once again, our customers defined what we needed to do to meet their challenges. Micromeritics Instruments is an industry leader because we listen intently and deliver innovative solutions, not just products to help our customers succeed, and the 3Flex TCD option is another example of our committed response to those needs”