Eppendorf Centrifuge 5920 R: The New Benchmark in Capacity and Performance

Eppendorf’s new refrigerated Centrifuge 5920 R combines extraordinary high capacity with enhanced temperature management in a very compact and ergonomic product design.

Centrifuge 5920 R can accommodate up to 4 x standard 1 Liter Nalgene® bottles, as well as up to 108 x 15mL conical tubes, and 52 x 50mL conical tubes, enabling researchers to spin large volumes at any one time, in applications such as bioprocessing or cell culture. Additionally, the universal rotor bucket design means researchers can spin both plates and tubes in the same bucket without the need to purchase separate plate buckets.

Eppendorf’s Centrifuge 5920 R also offers a powerful state-of- the-art refrigeration system with advanced temperature management, meaning users can be confident that their temperature-sensitive samples are safe. Dynamic compressor control technology and a FastTemp pro® function also allows precise and automated pre-cooling based on a pre-programmable time and date.

Easy to use, the Centrifuge 5920 R features a multi-lingual menu with backlit display with 5 program keys enabling rapid access to routine programs, as well as an adjustable ECO shut-off function to save energy and increase compressor life. “With laboratories under increasing pressure to increase efficiencies and throughput we understand the challenges that researchers face in their work,” said Peter Schreiner, Global Product Manager Centrifugation at Eppendorf. “The very large capacity and precise temperature management offered by the Centrifuge 5920 R means researchers can be assured that not only are their samples safe, but that they are saving time, money, and energy with this system.”