Metrohm USA Receives The Electrochemical Society Leadership Circle Award

Metrohm USA is proud to announce that it has received the Leadership Circle Award from The Electrochemical Society (ECS) recognizing ten consecutive years of membership.

The mission of The Electrochemical Society is to advance theory and practice at the forefront of electrochemical and solid state science. Metrohm USA’s support helps ECS members make key discoveries that address challenges such as renewable energy, food safety, water sanitation, and medical diagnosis and care.

Beginning in the fall of 2002, ECS began recognizing long-term institutional members of the society with the Leadership Circle Awards. This award is a way of recognizing and thanking its partners in electrochemistry and solid state science and is granted in the anniversary year an institutional member reaches a milestone level.

The award was presented on May 30th at the 229th ECS Meeting in San Diego.