Microscope Stage for Precision Mapping of Large Samples

The H105 ProScan Microscope stage from Prior Scientific is purpose designed for precision mapping of large specimens including scanning of a wide range of semiconductor wafers (up to 150mm / 6 inches), photo masks, printed circuit boards and other material science applications.

Delivering precise motorized movement in steps as small as 0.04 microns, the H105 stage is adaptable with a variety of sample holders, and the stage can be used with many of the larger upright microscopes or optical systems. The H105 provides an extensive travel range of 154mm x 154mm (6" x 6") and an impressive XY repeatability of +/- 0.7 microns.

Using Prior’s proprietary Intelligent Scanning Technology (IST), every H105 stage is fully mapped and has the stage calibration metrics stored on board which significantly increasing the metric accuracy of the stage. The use of IST minimises metric errors which is even more important for larger movement stages, and also means that encoder scales are not needed, saving money.  

Prior Scientific microscope stages have a global reputation for top quality and high repeatability. Manufactured using the highest quality components - precision bearings, zero backlash recirculating ball screws, X and Y limit switches, two high precision stepper motors and a tough scratch resistant coating -  they provide trouble-free operation over extended periods of time.