Quick, accurate overview of your complete dataset = better downstream analysis

Are you spending more time on technical details of the analysis process and less time on the critical job of interpreting whole datasets?

Few tools allow the ideal exploratory analysis where you can simply browse the data looking for something striking and interactively drill into any interesting observation without having to resort to complex command line tools.

Our OmicsOffice® software lets you go beyond a predefined analysis, giving you a quick, accurate overview of the complete dataset –leading to better downstream analysis.

Download application note to learn how to go from exploratory analysis to ranking of gene expression across various comparisons and even similarities with custom gene lists.

Application Note Highlights

  • How modern visual analytics can streamline data exploration and build upon data without any need of complex command lines.
  • How a comprehensive report can be generated in less than 30 mins on a standard laptop instead of hours, if not days.
  • How Bioinformaticians can easily explore large expression datasets in a fast, effective interactive manner.