Organoid Progenitor Cells Suitable for Gene Editing

AMSBIO has introduced Cultrex® Organoid Progenitor Cells that have been derived from normal, healthy mouse small intestine tissue and are continuously cultured using Reduced Growth Factor BME R1 and BME 2.

This new introduction extends the range of products offered by AMSBIO to support organoid culture. It will be of particular interest to the large number of leading research groups worldwide using BME 2 organoid matrix that specialise in drug screening applications.

Cultrex® Organoid progenitor cells can be expanded using RGF BME-R1 and may be induced to express tissue specific markers under differentiating conditions. These cells are ideally suited for use in common gene editing techniques such as CRISPR/Cas9 to develop models for infectious disease and cancer, as well as to study the normal intestine. This new cell line provides an excellent support for the development of complex models requiring multiple genomic modifications.

Organoid 3D cultures represent the next generation of tissue culture models. These cultures are extracted directly from living tissues similar to primary cultures. Instead of using an artificial, tissue culture-treated plastic environment, stem cell populations are maintained using an extracellular matrix environment under non-differentiating conditions. When subjected to differentiating conditions, these organoids exhibit expression of tissue-specific genes and differentiation of stem cells into tissue-specific architecture.