Efficient DNA Extraction from Plant Tissue

AMSBIO announces MagSi-DNA Vegetal - a powerful kit that enables efficient extraction of genomic DNA from plant tissue.

The new MagSi-DNA Vegetal kit brings the convenience and cost effectiveness of magnetic bead technology to the world of plant genomics. Whether you work with DNA extracted from flowers, grain crops, fruits, vegetables, trees, or other plant materials, MagSi-DNA Vegetal is designed to maximize your effectiveness.  Flexible protocols can be adjusted to optimize your specific plant extraction protocol requirements.  The system is fully compatible with high-throughput robotic liquid handling systems, as well as smaller-scale plant genomics projects.

MagSi-DNA Vegetal combines two components that work synergistically to provide seamless and efficient capture of purified DNA from nearly all plant materials.  First, our proprietary VG Lysis Buffer is extremely aggressive in breaking down difficult plant specimens, including seeds, leaves, fruits, and all other plant tissues.  Second our highly efficient magnetic bead technology is optimized to work together with the buffer.  As a result, MagSi-DNA Vegetal "bead-plus-buffer" system provides quantitative capture of plant DNA and very efficient exclusion of difficult-to-remove plant compounds, including phenolics, carbohydrates, and other plant chemicals.

AMSBIO offers a wide range of high performance magnetic products for use in protein purification, proteomics, and genomics applications. High quality coating of magnetic silica beads with Steptavidin, Protein A, Protein G or other ligand specific molecules allows isolation of specific target molecules or cells out of a large volume or complex matrix.