Multiplex immunoassays with Firefly® particle technology
Abcam’s multiplex immunoassays combine unique Firefly® hydrogel technology with Abcam’s high-performance antibodies to simultaneously measure up to 75 different proteins in a mere 12.5 µL of sample. With sensitivity below 1 pg/mL, the assay can provide rapid multiplex data within hours1, even in complex matrices with low target concentrations.
Unlike many other multiplex assays which are bead-based, these assays can be run on any of the most common flow cytometers, deliver 4–5 logs of linear dynamic range, and include free, easy-to-use analysis software. Additionally, researchers can choose from a rapidly growing menu of analytes to create a customized, ready-to-use panel to analyze complex inflammatory responses to diseases or treatments.
Due to shared antibody pairs, users can seamlessly switch between Abcam’s 90 minute SimpleStep ELISA® assays and multiplex immunoassays, while maintaining high correlation. For even more flexibility, Abcam offers its multiplex immunoassays as both a convenient service and as kits for researchers to employ in their own labs.