Moxi Flow, A Breakthrough for Immuno-Oncology Research

ORFLO, a leading supplier of personalized cell & protein analysis instrumentation, is pleased to announce Moxi Flow™; a breakthrough tool for supporting immuno-oncology research. Moxi Flow’s™ unique combination of impedance (Coulter Principle) and fluorescence flow based detection modes enables gold standard accuracy for counting complex samples such as CAR-T, NK, B, stem, PBMC and other cell types fundamental to immuno-oncology therapeutic approaches. With the integration of flow, other powerful assays such as in-cell protein quantitation, CRISPR/transfection efficiency checks, apoptosis studies and immune profiles are enabled with industry leading ease of use, affordability, footprint and test times.

Core to the Moxi Flow™ is a patent protected dual use flow cell. This eliminates many of the challenges associated with traditional flow; cleaning, maintenance, gain setting and cross contamination. The Moxi Flow™ also enables researchers to conserve their precious samples with 75ul test volume and nearly eliminates all bio hazardous waste. As little as 5ul’s of cell sample diluted in PBS is possible with Moxi Flow’s™ lower cell concentration limit of 10,000 cells per ml. Total test times are under 20 seconds and output data rich (5,000-30,000 cells) scatter plots with histogram view toggles for single cell resolution of protein expression and cell volume. The instrument utilizes a simple single click Apps driven GUI and also outputs FCS files compatible with standard flow analysis packages.