MarqMetrix ® and Metrohm USA are bringing the TouchRaman TM BallProbe ® and the Mira Handheld together for more accurate and reliable Raman measurements.

MarqMetrix has developed the only TouchRaman spectroscopy measurement device and is partnering with Metrohm USA, a leading provider of laboratory and process instrumentation, to make Raman spectroscopy more accessible, accurate and reliable.

The Metrohm Mira is a compact Raman spectrometer for rapid, nondestructive identification of samples from a variety of industries. The increased accuracy of the Mira is due to its exclusive Orbital Raster Scan (ORS) technology. The innovative MarqMetrix TouchRaman BallProbe with the patented spherical lens, allows users to “touch the sample, take the measurement” without any sample prep or handling. This further increases the accuracy and reproducibility of Raman measurements, as the “touch” mitigates all sampling variables.

The Mira handheld coupled with the TouchRaman BallProbe can be used in the lab, on the process line or in the field and has the ability to measure liquids, slurries, powders and solids with a rugged form factor. Even in the harshest environments or when measuring extreme chemicals, the TouchRaman BallProbe combined with the Mira handheld will produce safe, repeatable and accurate results.

“Our goal at MarqMetrix is to make Raman technology more accessible across industries,” said Brian Marquardt, CEO/CTO of MarqMetrix. “Our partnership with Metrohm not only accomplishes this goal but also brings together two best in class companies to provide a superior measurement device.”

“Reliable sampling is the key limitation for handheld Raman measurements,” said Edward Colihan, President and CEO at Metrohm USA. “At Metrohm, we help our customers make reliable measurements by having the best sampling accessories. When the Mira is combined with the MarqMetrix BallProbe®, there was no variation in performance, which is key to a reliable and accurate measurement.”

During the SCIX 2016 conference, held September 18-23 in Minneapolis, Minn., representatives from MarqMetrix and Metrohm will be demonstrating this new handheld Raman configuration.