Motorised, Manual and Fixed Electrophysiology Platforms

The Z-Deck range from Prior Scientific set the benchmark for top quality, height adjustable platforms designed specifically for upright microscopes used in electrophysiology and neuroscience applications, including Nikon FN1, Olympus BX51WI or BX61WI, Zeiss Axio Examiner and Leica DM6 microscopes.

Compatible with most commercially available vibration isolation tables, the exceptionally stable Z-Deck platform offers a large surface working area, allowing for the creation of even the most complex experimental set-ups. Using the Z-Deck you can switch between whole organism and cellular imaging heights in seconds without the use of tools. The design of the platform facilitates undertaking Köhler illumination experiments at a range of focus heights.

To meet the differing requirements and budgets of scientists, Prior Scientific offers a range of Z-Deck platforms. For experiments that demand precise movements in the X and Y axes the motorized Z-Deck with sub-micron resolution and Prior’s patented IST technology provides unmatched accuracy and repeatability. The motors of the Z-Deck can be easily switched off during recording without the loss of position.

By comparison the manual Z-Deck enables manual experiment movement in the X and Y axes, at an entry-level price. If your experiment does not require XY movement from the stage at all, the Fixed Z-Deck offers a robust, stable, and rapidly height adjustable platform. Both the fixed and manual Z-Deck platforms have no electrical motors and thus produce no electrical noise making them ideal for researchers performing extremely precise measurements requiring constant electrical silence.