Organoid Culture Handbook

AMSBIO announces an extended and updated edition of its popular Organoid Culture Handbook. Launched at the EMBO Symposium on Organoids: Modelling Organ Development and Disease in 3D Culture, the new 24-page handbook includes valuable information about the latest available products, protocols, example results and research paper citations.

Within the protocols section detailed information is provided on a general submerged method for organoid culture, crypt organoid culture techniques, the Air Liquid Interface (ALI) method for organoid culture and preparing clonal cultures from Igr5+ cells.

An extensive range of organoid culture examples are shown for organs including Liver (human, mouse and hepatocellular carcinoma), Gastrointestinal (small intestine, human colorectal, mouse and transgenic mouse), Esophageal (normal, cancerous, Barrett’s epithelial), Breast and Prostate.

The handbook includes 8 recent peer review paper citations from leading international research laboratories using AMSBIO products for organoid culture.

Organoids are organ-like structures that can be formed by 3D cell culture and differentiation of stem cells or organ progenitors. Organoids have been proven capable of recreating aspects of organ structure and function in vivo. As a consequence adoption of organoid culture models has now become widespread in areas including organogenesis models, drug testing, tumour / disease / infection models, toxicity screening, personalised medicine and regenerative medicine / organ replacement.