New D-2.5 and D-50 Adjustable Volume, Single Channel Pipettes from BrandTech® Scientific

BrandTech proudly introduces the popular Transferpette® S Adjustable Volume, Single Channel pipette, now in 0.1-2.5µL and 5-50µL sizes!  BRAND Transferpette® S pipettes offer superior performance, comfort, and value.  Constructed with innovative composite materials, Transferpette® S pipettes are lightweight and fully autoclavable, and accept tips from most manufacturers.  True one-handed selection, along with light weight and short pipetting stroke reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury.  The 4-digit display is easy to read for precise volume settings, and is always visible during pipetting. Adjustable and fixed-volume single channel pipettes from 0.1µL to 10mL, multichannels from 0.5µL to 300µL. Details are available at