Optibrium and Collaborative Drug Discovery Partner on Integration of StarDrop with CDD Vault
Optibrium™ and Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD), developers of software products and services for drug discovery and development, today announced a collaboration to integrate the StarDrop™ and CDD Vault® platforms. This creates a seamless connection in real time between project data, securely held and managed in CDD Vault, and StarDrop’s unique compound design and optimisation capabilities.  Instant access to the latest assay and compound data, with which a project team can share, interpret and model their chemistry, will lead to better decisions and shorter project timelines. 
CDD Vault is a hosted biological and chemical database that securely manages project data. It allows researchers, across academic laboratories, research foundations, as well as small and large companies, to intuitively organise chemical structures and biological study data. CDD Vault supports a unique collaborative model that enables data to be safely shared with internal or external partners through an easy-to-use web interface.
Researchers can now seamlessly retrieve their biological results from CDD Vault using an intuitive search interface within StarDrop that enables users to easily run CDD Vault queries, returning the results directly in StarDrop. This extension to StarDrop is available free of charge to existing StarDrop and CDD Vault users, providing a highly visual way to interpret these data and their relationships with compound structures, clearly highlighting the best chemistries and multi-parameter optimisation strategies for drug discovery.
Dr Matthew Segall, CEO of Optibrium, commented: “When selecting compounds the importance of working with the most up-to-date data can’t be over stated – incomplete or out-of-date information results in time and effort being wasted.  With this in mind, our aim is for StarDrop to fully integrate with the very ‘best in class’ drug discovery informatics platforms and we are delighted to be working with CDD to support drug discovery project teams to make good decisions and achieve their optimisation goals faster.” 
Dr. Barry Bunin, CEO CDD, added: “CDD understands that efficiency in modern drug discovery is a function of how well the industry's thought leaders work together. To that end, we are delighted to collaborate with Optibrium through this integration between StarDrop and CDD Vault. CDD Vault is particularly strong for project teams working across disciplines and, when coupled with StarDrop's unique ability to help scientists make confident and objective decisions, will undoubtedly help drug discovery project teams manage, analyze, and present chemical structures and biological assay data."