Water: The Essence of the Lab

Water is used in a wide range of processes throughout the day in a lab, from HPLC and cell culture through to buffer preparation and wiping down the bench. Ultimately the success of your work in the lab hinges on the quality of the reagents and the reliability of the experiments.

Read ELGA's full whitepaper and discover how you can make sure that your water supply delivers the performance you need to produce reliable and accurate results. Here is a taste of what you can read about...

1. Everything you need to know about water impurities
Several classes of impurities could be present in your laboratory water. Find out how water purity is defined and the international standards that are met.

2. Water purification technologies available
Discover the processes behind water purification and how it can be carried out to make efficient use of both time and money.

3. Selecting the right water purity for your application
Are you sure that you are using the right water purity for your application? Check out our handy list of common applications and the water purity they require.

4. Practical considerations & the future of water purification in the lab
Scientific and technological developments are ever-evolving, with instruments becoming increasingly more sensitive and analytical detection being pushed to the limits.

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