Using the Zetasizer Nano to optimize formulation stability

Formulation development is a critical activity for many industries, from pharmaceuticals, to paints and coatings. Indeed, it is estimated that in the UK alone, sales of formulated products amount to some £180 billion per year1. This means that getting formulation ‘right’ is an important goal, with considerable value attached to it. Stability is a crucial attribute for many products with a direct impact on performance, shelf-life, kerb appeal and ultimately, worth. A systematic approach to understanding and developing stability can therefore be extremely helpful in improving the likelihood of success in long-term stability trials and accelerating formulation.

The Zetasizer range from Malvern is the world’s most widely used system for nanoparticle, colloid and protein size and zeta potential measurements. In this whitepaper, we examine how these capabilities can be exploited to develop stable dispersions.

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