Rigaku Innovative Technologies Announces Precision EUVL Optical Coatings for Manufacturing Reflective Mirrors used in Semiconductor Printing

Reflective optics critical for high speed printing of chip patterns onto wafers

Rigaku Innovative Technologies (RIT), a global supplier of high performance multilayer optics, announces a range of precision extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) optical coatings for manufacturing reflective mirrors for semiconductor industry wafer pattern printing. RIT’s reflective optics are critical elements of the optical chain used inside scanner tools that print chip patterns onto a wafer at rates of speed as high as 125 wafers per hour.


RIT coatings are used in next generation lithography techniques that will enable the semiconductor industry to continue to reduce printed transistor size. This increases device functionality by greatly increasing the number of transistors that can be printed on a chip. In addition, the chips consume less power, a critical factor in extending device battery life. The new chips will be used to continue the evolution of smartphone technology, GPS devices, home entertainment, and numerous other wireless applications.


RIT has more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing world class reflective optics, and is the only independent volume manufacturer in the industry. It is one of the earliest companies to invest in research and development of multilayer coating designed specifically for EUVL devices. This deep experience base uniquely enables Rigaku to meet the semiconductor industry’s demanding precision requirements.


Building on its unique existing “inline” deposition system for multilayer coatings, RIT recently developed and installed a second inline high-throughput system. The new deposition system is made of two independent inline systems, which can simultaneously deposit 4 large optics, up to 800 millimeters in diameter. It can also be used to achieve high precision coatings on substrates up to 1.5 meters long for synchrotron and other applications, with a sophisticated 2-dimensional d-spacing distribution pattern. The new system also features a very low defect rate.


As a leader in x-ray/EUV multilayer coatings, Rigaku optics feature better performance and better performance consistency across the entire product range. In addition, Rigaku has developed a process to refurbish the optics to near original performance levels. The refurbishment process, which increases optic life and offsets the effects of contamination and radiation damage, is critical for reducing production costs.