MANTA Instruments selects HORIBA Instruments, Inc. to act as the Americas Distributor for Breakthrough Nanoparticle Tracking Analyzer

HORIBA Scientific and MANTA Instruments (San Diego, CA) have teamed up to expand sales and support for the ViewSizerTM 3000 Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis System in the laboratory instrumentation market. The ViewSizerTM 3000 implements breakthrough improvements to particle tracking technology that include proprietary illumination and detection methods allowing cutting-edge visualization, measurement and counting of nanoparticles over a very wide range of sizes.  The system has unmatched capabilities for characterizing polydisperse assemblages of particles in liquids and it can easily resolve separate size modes in complex samples.  Additionally, the kinetics of various particle processes, such as aggregation, self-assembly, crystallization and dissolution, can be visualized and quantified in real-time.


The technology was developed by experienced nanoparticle scientists at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) who had become frustrated by the limitations of existing nanoparticle characterization instruments. Years of their research resulted in an instrument that was found to be superior to existing methods for characterizing polydisperse, nanoparticle samples.  The system utilizes an absolute method that requires no calibration, reference standards, or prior knowledge of the particle properties.  The ViewSizerTM 3000 was further refined by MANTA Instruments during a successful year-long Beta program, with twelve partners in three separate industries, prior to its initial market introduction in 2016. By partnering with HORIBA Scientific, the ViewsizerTM 3000 will now be distributed by a world-class sales and support team.  

Rick Cooper, CEO of MANTA Instruments, said, “Much of the pleasure from introducing this product last year came from the tremendous positive feedback that we received from customers and partners.  So far, most of our customers are in the biotech and pharma industries where we are helping them develop better nanoparticle based pharmaceutical products faster and more effectively. We are very excited to announce this partnership which will accelerate our growth in those markets and many others that HORIBA Scientific has been successfully servicing for decades.”

“The ViewSizerTM 3000 represents one of the most significant advances in the field of instrumentation for particle characterization that I have come across in my fifty-plus year career in colloid chemistry” stated Dr. David Fairhurst, a member of MANTA Instruments Advisory Board. “Customers of the ViewSizerTM 3000 routinely obtain valuable insights into the particle size distribution and other characteristics of their colloids from this elegant and easy to use benchtop instrument. MANTA’s pedigreed technology combined with HORIBA’s excellent customer relations and support bode well for a strong and promising partnership.” 

Dr. Michael C. Pohl, Vice President of the Irvine Scientific Division of HORIBA Instruments, affirmed, “The ViewSizerTM 3000 is a tremendous addition to our portfolio of particle characterization instruments. Our customers have been looking for this type of technological advancement for some time and we look forward to marketing, selling and servicing the ViewSizerTM 3000 in the Americas for our newest partner, MANTA Instruments.”