Sturbridge Metallurgical Obtains Sikorsky Approval

Effective January 6, 2017, Sturbridge Metallurgical Services, Inc. of Sturbridge MA is approved as a Materials Testing Lab for Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (A Lockheed Martin Corporation) and its manufacturing supplier base.


Building a Strong Quality Organization
Sturbridge Metallurgical's founder and president, Mr. Courtney Grimes, has been building his business since 1990. "My vision has been to build a testing lab that is dedicated to providing the highest quality testing services and technical reports available for the Medical, Aerospace and Industrial markets" says Grimes. "While at the same time providing this level of quality in a timely and cost effective manner".

"Our team has worked extremely hard to put the systems in place to ensure organizations like Sikorsky and their supply chain will want to have their parts tested here" said Brendan Fullam, General Manager and Business Development Manager at Sturbridge Metallurgical Services Inc. "We have a great team here and everyone works very hard to keep our customers happy. Having Sikorsky grant us approval validates all of the effort and time that they have put into the organization and keeps us even more focused on demanding the best from ourselves".

What This Means for Suppliers
For manufacturers, suppliers and/or vendors of Sikorsky or Sikorsky directly can now utilize the full scope of Sturbridge Metallurgical's material testing capabilities. Suppliers can access their approved certification letter through the Sturbridge Metallurgical website and navigate to the quality assurance section.

Testing Services Offered
Sturbridge Metallurgical Services offers Chemical Analysis, SEM/EDS Analysis, Failure Analysis, Tensile Testing, GE Grain Size Ratings, Corrosion Testing, Metallography, Hardness and Microhardness Testing and a variety of other metallurgical testing services.