Lock in maintenance costs with Peak Scientific’s new hassle-free gas generator maintenance plan

Peak Scientific has introduced a unique and cost-effective maintenance plan for their gas generators which allows customers to fix maintenance costs for a set number of years. The Fixed Price Preventative Maintenance plan (FPPM) was developed to remove the worry of rising annual servicing costs. This cost-effective solution negates the need for lab managers to factor the variable costs of annual maintenance into increasingly pressurized budgets, by introducing a measure of stability and predictability at an affordable fixed cost.

In order for gas generators to continue performing at operating specification, periodic maintenance is required. FPPM allows those covered to pre-schedule necessary maintenance around their work load, with all servicing carried out by certified Peak service engineers. This allows users to rest assured in the knowledge that their generator will be thoroughly serviced by a qualified professional at a time that will not impact their workflow.

Peak understands that ‘time is money’, particularly in the commercial laboratory sector, which is why the company has taken steps to ensure that customers lose as little time as possible. In the rare event that unplanned generator maintenance is required, the FPPM plan provides guaranteed around the clock priority access to Peak Scientific’s global technical support team.

As its name suggests, Fixed Priced Preventative Maintenance is a fixed price regardless of a generator’s specific maintenance requirements at each scheduled interval.

Marina Campbell, Global Service Sales Manager, comments ‘We have developed the Fixed Price Preventative Maintenance plan in response to the needs of our customers. Listening to many of our customers, it was clear there was an appetite for a plan which allows users to manage and predict their scheduled maintenance costs by locking them in for a set period. The FPPM plan gives our customers a more cost-effective way to manage their generator servicing.’

Those covered by the plan also receive a 20% discount on any additional services or replacement parts they may require from Peak Scientific.