Sturbridge Metallurgical Goes Virtual

Sturbridge Metallurgical Services Inc. of Sturbridge MA has taken their lab into the virtual world. They have given their customers, regardless of geographical location, the ability to tour their facility without leaving their own offices.

3D Virtual Tour
Through the use of the latest 3D imaging technology, Sturbridge Metallurgical has provided a "walk" through tour of each area of their building. The tour allows for freedom of movement in 360 degrees, giving visitors the ability to feel like they are actually standing in each room.

"We wanted the tour to feel like they were really here, not just some still shot image that doesn't feel real" said Daniel Welton, Sales & Marketing at Sturbridge Metallurgical. "Before going live we sent it around to a few of our customers, family and friends and the reactions were all the same; they really felt like they were in the building. We knew we had it right."

Expanding the Front Door
3D Virtual Reality has become increasingly popular in the gaming industry as well as the real estate industry. It has allowed companies to bring their front door directly to the desk of their customers rather than waiting for schedules to be just right.

"We work with customers all over the country and even around the world and we pride ourselves on our facility" says Brendan Fullam, General Manager and Business Development manager at Sturbridge Metallurgical. "When we invite customers in and give them the tour, they are always impressed and often realize we can provide them with many more services then what we are currently working with them on. To now be able to offer that same experience to people who can't make the trip, is priceless".

Take the Tour
You can view the tour of Sturbridge Metallurgical Services Inc here: