Atlas Introduces Its Next Generation Xenon-Arc Instrument - the Ci4400 Weather-Ometer®

Atlas Material Testing Technology, the global leader in weathering technology and services, is excited to announce its next generation instrument in xenon-arc weathering testing - the Ci4400 Weather-Ometer®. This water-cooled, rotating-rack instrument combines Atlas' latest industry-leading innovative technology and user convenience with the scientific sophistication of Atlas' 100 years of weathering expertise. 

Ci4000 Weather-Ometer, Suntest XXL+, UVTest, EMMAQUAThe Ci4400 replaces Atlas' popular Ci4000 model. According to Atlas Product Manager Matt McGreer, "The Ci4400 represents years of market research, customer feedback and engineering innovation. In developing the Ci4400, our goal was to incorporate several new features and improvements over the Ci4000. The Ci4400 offers a new industrial design, while providing test results consistent with our legacy instruments." 

The filtered xenon-arc lamps used in the Ci4400 Weather-Ometer have been globally recognized for years to be the best artificial light source in replicating real- life product failures in a laboratory under accelerated and reproducible conditions. 

The Ci4400 meets or exceeds all common weathering test standards. The instrument has an assortment of common pre-programmed test methods as well as custom test slots. 

Additional features include:

  • Best-in-class uniform distribution of irradiance, temperature, and humidity within the entire exposure area
  • 10% increase in specimen capacity within the same footprint as the Ci4000
  • Larger, more intuitive touch screen user interface
  • More efficient air flow for better tier-to-tier and within-tier uniformity
  • Optional sensor to measure irradiance, chamber temperature, and relative humidity at the specimen exposure plane
  • New industrial design with larger chamber door that allows for better access for routine maintenance and cleaning
  • Improved rotating specimen rack with removable sections
  • Tilting screen for easier viewing at different operator heights
  • Easy-to-see status indicator light
  • Fold-out tray to accommodate sample racks, lamps, filters, or log books
  • Improved PID control of parameters for greater reproducibility
  • New deionized water cooling system for greater reliability

With its new features and advanced design, the Ci4400 Weather-Ometer will meet the needs of current and future industry testing demands.