Assessing fuel filter efficiency using online laser diffraction

Meeting requirements for ISO16332: Standard method for evaluating fuel/water separation efficiency in diesel engines

International standard ISO16332 Diesel engines — Fuel filters — Method for evaluating fuel/water separation efficiency (the US equivalent being SAE J1488) is currently undergoing revision and its publication is imminent. This new version standardizes the testing of filters between manufacturers and looks at the effectiveness of the test rig and how potential droplet recirculation could affect particle size distribution (PSD). It outlines testing of filter efficiency and gives a model particle size distribution for this. Laser diffraction is specified in the standard as the only method for sizing this distribution.

This white paper examines how laser diffraction particle sizing, already an established tool in fuel filter testing, is stepping up to the challenges posed by modern fuels and the latest testing requirements. We consider the technique’s application within the context of the new methods being written for ISO16332, focusing on its implementation for measurements at high concentration, high pressure and high flow rates.

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