New Filtration Plates Offer Improved Sample Recovery

Porvair Sciences announces a new range of 384-well filtration plates with a unique drip geometry which provides unmatched sample recovery.

By cleverly re-shaping the drip director, and giving it a compound curve structure, the new filtration plates virtually eliminate the traditional “hanging filtrate” effect where excess filtrate clings by surface tension to the outside of the structure. 

In addition to improving total sample recovery, the new filtration plate design helps to minimise work surface and sample contamination as well as improving productivity when used with automated liquid handlers. 

Available with four different membranes in a useful 140uL volume, Porvair 384 well filter microplates are made from high-grade polypropylene to minimise extractables. These plates are available with glass fibre membrane of three different pore sizes (0.7um, 1.2um and 5.0um) to provide optimum filtration for a wide range of high biomolecule binding applications. In addition, Porvair offers a 384-well filtration plate with an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene membrane of 25um pore size, suitable for low biomolecular binding studies, such as sequencing reaction clean up, to complete its new line-up.