Omni International Introduces New Bead Ruptor 96 Well Plate Homogenizer with Milling Capabilities


Omni International, Inc. announced today the release of the Bead Ruptor 96, a new bead mill homogenizer capable of rapid sample dissociation in well plates and sealed tubes, as well as traditional milling in stainless-steel jars.

As an extension to the popular Bead Ruptor family, the Bead Ruptor 96 supports a wide array of bead homogenizing and milling applications. The well plate homogenizing accessories support bead beating of up to 576 individual samples per processing cycle. The system supports bead milling in any SBS-format well plate, with the ability to process four 1 mL, two 2 mL, and up to six standard well plates. Bead-beating well plates are available as bulk or pre-filled with an optimized amount of lysing matrix.

With stainless-steel jar accessories, the Bead Ruptor 96 is capable of performing all milling applications, including dry grinding of grains, powder particle size reduction, dissociation of plastics, plants, seeds, paper, and pharmaceutical products. In addition, cryogenic processing capabilities make the Bead Ruptor 96 ideal for cannabis processing, with the ability to rapidly dissociate plants and edibles for high-yield extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes.