Next Generation IN Cell High Content Analysis Solutions Featuring New IN Carta Image Analysis Software

The new IN Carta image analysis software from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business combines powerful analytics with an intuitive user interface to provide fast, quantitative results from images acquired on IN Cell Analyzer systems. In addition, GE Healthcare has launched IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS, a third generation laser-based confocal imaging system, and IN Cell Analyzer 2500HS, a fourth generation fully automated wide-field cell imaging system. 

The new IN Carta software incorporates advanced segmentation algorithms designed to reliably extract the information needed for downstream phenotypic analysis without the need for complex pre- or post-image processing operations. True multi-well parallel processing and integrated visualization tools allow users to efficiently achieve their experimental goals. The software brings together powerful analytics and intuitive workflows to solve complex problems for all researchers regardless of their level of image analysis expertise. 

IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS enables a wide range of high-content assays from basic multi-color fixed-cell assays to the most challenging complex live-cell and 3D assays. This next generation system delivers increased throughput and enables acquisition of images with exceptional quality for even the most demanding 3D samples such as spheroids and organoids. The system features IRIS and EDGE line-scanning confocal technologies. The flexibility of IRIS and dramatic contrast improvement of EDGE allow researchers to optimize imaging conditions for all sample types and experimental requirements.

IN Cell Analyzer 2500HS is a wide-field high-content imaging system designed for speed, sensitivity, and throughput.  Equipped with deconvolution, the system is optimized to produce quantifiable data from long term live-cell imaging experiments and dim samples. Ultra-fast scan times and high camera frame rates allow the system to perform a wide range of functions from large scale screens to the study of rapid kinetic events. The system also features tools such as Smart Scan which reduces imaging time, optimizes data collection, and minimizes data volume. 

Combined with IN Carta image analysis software, IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS and 2500HS provide improved sensitivity, better analytics, and forward thinking features that allow researchers to confidently generate results from the most challenging assays. The accessibility of the instrumentation and analysis software streamline the experimental process as part of a complete HCA solution from assay to result.