KNF Launches New Flow-Tight, Solenoid-Driven Liquid Transfer Pump with Calibrated Pump-to-Pump Repeatability
KNF has introduced a new solenoid-driven FL 10 diaphragm pump for OEM customers. With a nominal liquid flow rate of 100 mL/min, FL 10 features bi-directional flow-tightness without additional check valves, IP 65 protection, simple linear flow rate adjustment, a maintenance-free expected lifetime of 10,000h, and other key cost-saving attributes.
The FL 10 pump uses spring tension in the linear solenoid drive to keep it flow-tight in both directions when turned off, making additional check valves unnecessary and helping to reduce costs. Built for operation in demanding environments such as wet or dusty areas, the pump’s IP 65 protection class reduces the need for additional protection in the customer’s system. Furthermore, sealing between the pump housing and the linear drive ensures fail-safe operation, so that in case of a ruptured diaphragm, liquid is kept away from other areas of the system. Laser-welded head parts keep the pump leak-free.
Flow rate adjustment during the assembly process at KNF ensures high repeatability from pump to pump, thus saving calibration time when the pump is built into the customer’s system. The pump’s frequency-controlled drive also allows OEMs to quickly and linearly adjust the flow rate. This makes it easier integrate the pump into dynamic liquid circuits in OEM devices, helping to reduce lengthy testing and improve time to market.
Using KNF’s pioneering diaphragm technology, liquid is transported gently, making KNF pumps a good choice for handling sensitive fluids. Furthermore, there are no wear particles, unlike, for example, with gear pumps. Chemically-resistant flow path materials are used in FL 10, ensuring reliable transportation of a wide range of aggressive media. In contrast to peristaltic pumps, FL 10 does not need routine tubing exchanges. Combined with KNF’s long-lasting linear solenoid drive technology, this results in maintenance-free pumps over an expected lifetime of 10,000h (>250 million operations), saving on servicing costs and ensuring higher end-user satisfaction. 
FL 10 delivers 0 - 100 mL/min against atmospheric pressure and can be operated to 14.5 psig (1 bar). Applicable markets include cleaning and disinfection, inkjet printing, laboratory automation, medical diagnostics, and water analysis.