Brady Releases New Lab Materials

New lab materials aid in laboratory processes- Brady(NYSE:BRC), a global leader in industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, announced today the launch of dissolvable paper (B-403) identification labels, sterilization indicating polypropylene (B-7425-AC) labels and mini GHS labels. These three new materials make important processes throughout a lab environment easier and help ensure that they are completed properly.

“Creating products that make processes simple is a top priority at Brady, and these new materials do just that,” said Josh Mahlik, associate product manager for Brady. “These materials help save time, visually indicate that a job has been completed and help laboratory workers know the dangers of the chemicals they are using so they can keep their focus on the task at hand.”

The new B-403 material dissolves completely in warm water in 30 seconds, leaving no adhesive residue behind, making it ideal for temporary identification labels. The B-7425-AC material displays “STERILIZED” for proof of sterilization when the material has been exposed to autoclave conditions at 250.7° F (121.5° C) for 10 minutes. This material is ideal for use on containers that require sterilization. The mini GHS labels are 1 in. x 3 in. in size, and are ideal for use on small primary and secondary chemical containers.