Own It Now: Introducing New Equipment In Multiple Regions And Currencies
NOW, has been featuring numerous listings from a number of locations across the US and some in Europe, including Lab and Analytical Instrumentation, Processing and Packaging Equipment, MRO items and much more.
EquipNet recently announced that it will be introducing even more equipment from regions outside of the US and Europe, most prominently in the Latin American area. Listings will include locations such as Mexico and Colombia, along with North America and Europe.
OWN IT NOW takes away the hassle of back and forth negotiations and allows prospective buyers to purchase items with the simple click of a button. The listings in the channel have starting prices and decreasing time intervals which are tied to price drops. As the clock ticks down, so does the price.
“OWN IT NOW is an ideal option for many buyers, including those in emerging markets where buying used equipment is an important advantage for companies' finances,” states Carolina Alcaraz, Latin America Sales Manager. “Under this model, equipment prices are more affordable and competitive, and the bidders can better estimate a price range in which the assets can be theirs.”
The OWN IT NOW sales channel differs in comparison to other EquipNet platforms such as SmartAuctions™, Live/Webcast auctions and MarketPlace™, as users will not be competing to outbid each other. Instead, they are competing against the clock and other prospective buyers. With OWN IT NOW, users can buy items at the current price or wait for the amount to drop at the risk of losing the item to a competitor. EquipNet allows users to set proxy amount on all listings so that they system will OWN IT NOW on his or her behalf once the pricing gets down to the given entered proxy amount.
This innovative sales channel brings new value to the second-hand equipment industry and provides companies with a new way to purchase pre-owned equipment.
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