Lonza to Showcase Its Latest Solutions for Enhanced QC Testing and Transfection at SLAS2018

Lonza will be exhibiting at SLAS2018, the annual show hosted by the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening, in San Diego, CA (USA). At Booth 534 Lonza will showcase how its automated QC testing solutions and Nucleofector™ Devices can increase efficiency and throughput in the drug development process. In addition, Lonza is supporting a roundtable discussion on advanced in vitro cancer models for drug discovery and development.

Automated Solutions for QC Testing
At SLAS2018 Lonza’s QC testing experts will be on hand to demonstrate how the WinKQCL™ Endotoxin Detection and Analysis Software can interface with multiple robotic systems to provide a single database for data storage, management and reporting that complies with data-integrity regulations. At the Lonza booth, the team will also demonstrate how Lonza’s MODA Solution can automate environmental monitoring, product testing and trending to help laboratories to move away from labor-intensive and error-prone paper reporting.

Scaling up Transfection for Drug Discovery 
Lonza will showcase how its Nucleofector Technology enables efficient, sterile transfection of primary cells, stem cells and cell types that previously have been difficult to transfect. Also at Booth 534, Lonza’s experts will demonstrate how the HT-Nucleofector Device can be combined with liquid-handling systems to automate transfection protocols, reducing the need for manual pipetting and helping to mitigate ergonomic stress. In addition, Lonza’s innovative Nucleofector Devices allow transfection protocols to be scaled up without the need for reoptimization.

Roundtable Discussion: Evaluation and Adoption of Advanced in vitro Cancer Models for Drug Discovery and Development
At SLAS2018 Lonza is supporting a roundtable discussion on in vitro cancer models for drug discovery and development. On Monday, 5 February, from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm in Room #3, top industry experts will deliver a series of presentations evaluating in vitro organ systems and advanced cancer models. Following the presentations a panel discussion will focus on the current trends and challenges with using the latest in vitro technologies for cancer research. 
We are looking forward to SLAS2018 – a highlight of the 2018 exhibition calendar,” said Robert Porzio, Lonza's Product Manager for Endotoxin Detection. “Improving efficiency and throughput in the laboratory is important for advancing the drug development pipeline. At SLAS2018 we will demonstrate to scientists who visit the booth, how Lonza’s latest products and software solutions can assist their research.”