pipetty™, the Pen-Sized Electronic Pipette
Introducing the World’s Lightest, Most Accurate, Pen-Sized Pipettor
pipetty™ is the smallest and lightest electric pipettor in the world. The ultralight design
ensure user comfort and precision. In addition to normal single dispensing and mixing,
multiple continuous dispensing is available. The user can operate pipetty™ either using
conventional or open type controls.
pipetty™ is available in three volume ranges to accommodate your needs, 2-20 µL,
25-250 µL and 100-1,000 µL. pipetty™ also has a unique ability to automatically
compensate for dispensing volume variability caused by temperature fluctuations, ensuring
unmatched dispensing accuracy.

Key Features

  • Highest precision with continuous temperature correction
  • Error free PCR setup with multiple dispense capability
  • Unlimited aspiration/dispense cycles with battery swapping
  • Accurate viscous sample handling with variable speed
  • Ease of use “pen type” operation makes gel loading a snap
  • Ultralight ergonomic design ensures user comfort