PCE Instruments launched new pH meter for cosmetics

PCE Instruments recently added a new model to their existing range of pH meters. The pH tester PCE-228P has been designed for use in cosmetics like skin creams and lotions, shampoos and conditioners. An excessively high or low pH level of a cosmetic product can cause skin irritations and other issues that should be avoided. The pH value needs to be measured at various stages of the production process as it can change during processing. The PCE-228P pH tester measures pH values between 0.00 and 14.00 pH. It comes with a pH electrode and a temperature sensor capable of measuring temperatures between 0.0 and 65.0 ° C (32 ... 149 ° F), a SD memory card and card reader, six 1.5 V AA batteries and a user manual. The pH meter is highly accurate and features manual or automatic temperature compensation.

PCE Instruments, with headquarters in Germany and offices around the world, such as the UK and the US, manufactures and sells test instruments, control systems, laboratory and weighing equipment for a vast range of different purposes and applications, to a great extent under the label "PCE Instruments ®", but also from other renowned producers. PCE also provides pre- and aftersales technical advice as well as calibration and re-calibration services.