Ziath to Showcase New Low-Profile 2D Barcode Scanner for Liquid Handling Systems at SLAS2018
Ziath announced it will showcase its new, cost-effective 2D barcode rack scanner, the DataPaq Mirage, at SLAS2018 (3–7 February 2018, San Diego, CA). This innovative camera-based scanner has a low-profile design enabling it to be easily integrated with robotic liquid handling systems, as well as other laboratory automation solutions. As a result, the DataPaq™ Mirage allows the benefits of a more sophisticated camera-based 2D barcode rack scanner to be brought to automation workflows for the same price as an old flatbed scanner.
Researchers working in biotechs, academia, and pharma frequently manage a large number of samples and, as a result, require automated solutions to assist with routine techniques, such as liquid dispensing. Most camera-based scanners are too tall for use on liquid handling workstations; however, the patent-pending technology of Ziath’s DataPaq Mirage utilises a mirror to give the scanner a more compact design. The low-profile DataPaq Mirage enables easy integration with liquid handling systems, as well as other laboratory automation solutions, allowing samples in SBS format racks to be efficiently scanned and recorded at the point of processing. Despite the compact nature of the DataPaq Mirage, its powerful camera system means the depth of image focusing is not compromised, ensuring that a variety of 2D-barcoded tubes can be quickly and reliably scanned.
“Here at Ziath, we are proud to have developed the first complete camera-based 2D barcode rack scanner that can fit on the deck of a liquid handling workstation,” said David Anstee, Commercial Director at Ziath. “The DataPaq Mirage offers a cost-effective solution for researchers wanting to upgrade their existing flatbed scanner to a faster camera-based system. The response to the DataPaq Mirage has been very positive amongst researchers, with the scanner already in high demand.”
The DataPaq Mirage will be showcased at SLAS2018 at both the Biosero booth (booth 929) and the Phenix Research Products booth (booth 1235). For more information about Ziath’s DataPaq Mirage.