Shimadzu's LabSolutions Insight Software for LC/MS/MS and GC/MS

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces the release of its next-generation LabSolutions Insight software for LC/MS/MS and GC/MS (/MS) analysis. With intuitive operation and a new advanced peak detection algorithm, this software supports review-by-exception to improve the speed and efficiency of multi-analyte data analysis. Use LabSolutions Insight software with application-specific method packages or databases for easy analysis of clinical toxicological compounds, pesticides, forensic toxicological substances, and environmental pollutants.

LabSolutions Insight offers a clear, intuitive interface designed to support review-by-exception. It allows technicians to flag data using established criteria for simpler, more efficient data review. It also supports bi-directional communication using HL7 protocol, enabling data analysis and review based on doctors’ requirements. This lessens demands on laboratory personnel while providing for a more productive workflow.

LabSolutions Insight displays peak information in an easy-to-understand format and accommodates multiple-user working environments. It also supports multiple-monitor displays and can display data in a variety of formats, enabling more efficient analysis of multiple analytes and compounds. The new peak detection algorithm (i-PeakFinder) for LC/MS dramatically increases the productivity of analyzing massive amounts of chromatograms. It features functionality for fully-automatic integration, so that users can detect peaks with precision without any special parameter setting process.

For comparing and reviewing large amounts of data, LabSolutions Insight displays reference chromatograms overlaid with sample chromatograms, so that analysts can intuitively confirm the peak intensity and area for large numbers of chromatograms.

The software also has the added capability to work seamlessly within regulated environments, as well as the flexibility to adapt to different reporting workflows with multiple results files. In addition, LabSolutions Insight Library Screening software supports screening via full scan or MRM spectrum mode and can display library search results for multiple analytes at the same time, allowing users to precisely identify target components from MRM chromatograms and library search results.