Royston, UK (4th December 2009) – Syrris, a leading chemistry automation product innovator, has introduced the Atlas Sodium Pressure System. This modular pressure reactor is available in a range of volumes up to 450ml, offering heating and/or cooling, overhead or magnetic stirring, pressure sensing, pressure control and mass flow monitoring or control. Designed for applications such as hydrogenations or carbonylations where elevated pressures and temperatures are required, the Atlas Sodium Pressure System is the latest addition to the Atlas family of automated synthesis systems. In addition, a 3 bar jacketed reactor pressure system will be introduced early next year.

With the ability to operate up to 250°C and 200 bar (higher temperatures and pressures available on request), this easy-to-use system is highly versatile, offering liquid sampling at high pressures and temperatures. Furthermore, the system can be supplied with 160, 300 and 450 ml pressure vessels in a range of materials. The Atlas Sodium Pressure System provides high performance stirring with powerful overhead (up to 800RPM) or magnetic (up to 1200RPM) stirring options. Maximum temperature and burst disc cut outs ensure that the system is completely safe, and compliant with PED/ASME design codes.

The basic system allows automatic temperature and stirrer control as well as pressure sensing with data logging. Depending on the user’s preference, pressure can be controlled manually or automatically using the pressure control module and advanced PC software. Alternatively it is possible to control mass flow into the reactor. All modes of operation are available with the Atlas Gas Selection Module, allowing automatic or manual selection of up to three gases and a mass flow meter to monitor off-gases.

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