Ensuring accurate and reproducible chromatography, the Thermo Scientific GFM Pro Flowmeter is compatable with all laboratory gases without the need for any prior knowledge of the gas composition

With the capability to measure both positive and negative vacuum flows from 0.5 to 500 mL/min and -0.5 to -500 mL/min, the CE-certified GFM Pro Flowmeter from Thermo Fisher Scientific can measure the volumetric flow of any gas with an accuracy of +/- 2%, ensuring column to column reproducibility. The GFM Pro Flowmeter also protects itself against excessively high flow rates by deploying an automatic shut-off when the measured flow exceeds 600 mL/min. With an explosion-proof rating, this probe is ideal for use with any gas, even those that are flammable or explosive.

Specifically designed for use with gas chromatography (GC) systems, the GFM Pro Flowmeter is applied directly to the gas flow stream and the actual measured flow rate is displayed on the LCD screen. The Thermo Fisher GFM Pro Flowmeter can be used as a bench-top or hand-held unit and its ergonomic design and side grips provide extended durability. Data can be saved and stored on a USB device for accurate monitoring of flow values over longer time periods.

Source: Filtration + Separation.com